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Akers Egg Tempera 2013 Exhibition

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Akers: The Green Schoolhouse


Gary Akers will present his “Egg Temperas” exhibition Saturday, September 7 through 28.  Akers will be on hand each day to meet visitors and discuss his exhibition, which will run from 10 a.m. To 5 p. m. daily at The Green Schoolhouse, a charming restored one-room Finnish school located two miles down the St. George peninsula on Route 131.

This exhibition will feature recent egg tempera paintings. Akers received an international grant in 1976 from the Greenshields Foundation of Montreal, Canada to study egg tempera.  Gary Akers is particularly known for his highly worked paintings in egg tempera, a technique in which dried pigments are mixed with egg yolk and distilled water and layered in thin brushstrokes on a gessoed panel.  Akers’ egg temperas are built up of hundreds of layers, using the technique of cross-hatching, small strokes of color that are layered over one another to achieve subtle effects.

Akers prefer egg tempera to other mediums because it dries to the touch in seconds and more paint can be applied in minutes. It’s this layering -over process that makes egg tempera so unique, each coat of under painting “glows” through subsequent layers.  The result is a luminosity other mediums can’t duplicate. Different types of tempera paint have been used since ancient Egypt.  Today there are only a few artists working in the demanding medium of egg tempera. Akers is carrying on the true Renaissance tradition like the brothers van Eyck and Botticelli.

Richard Lynch, President of Hammer Galleries, N.Y., says of Gary Akers:      

“Whether he is painting in dry brush, egg tempera, or watercolor he applies it with the “Hand of a Master”. With his gentle brush strokes he invites you to a world we all long for; the cool ocean breeze, the ray of light setting on a window box of flowers or the lighthouse standing proudly on the waters edge. He flawlessly captures light and shadows in his subjects, which is preserved for all to absorb and appreciate. Gary Akers’ work encompasses contemporary realism at its best.”


Akers’ works have been included in many private collections, including President Ronald Reagan and the Ross Collection, and may be seen in many museums throughout the country; including the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO., Ogunquit Art Museum, and the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art in KY.  Two of his paintings are also on exhibit at Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard’s residence in Bamako, Mali.  Akers is an elected Signature Member of the prestigious American Watercolor Society.  Two books about Akers have been published, each with over one hundred of his paintings:  Kentucky Land of Beauty and Memories of Maine.

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