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Gary Akers will present “Cherished Moments,” an exhibition of more than 20 new egg temperas, watercolors and giclée prints, opening on Saturday, July 20, at the Green Schoolhouse, a restored one-room Finnish school located two miles down the St. George peninsula on Route 131. The artist will be on hand from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day to meet the public and discuss his exhibition, which will continue through Sunday, August 25.

The show will feature scenes that Akers painted in both Maine and Kentucky; he has painted in Maine every summer since 1976. Akers’ works are in the collections of several museums, and from August 31 through November 3 the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art in Kentucky will be holding a retrospective exhibition of his egg tempera and watercolor paintings.

For more information, call 859-AK0-ARTS or visit

Written by Gary Akers

July 20, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Gary Akers Solo Museum Exhibit “Borders of Change”

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Gary Akers "Borders of Change" Poster

Gary Akers “Borders of Change” Poster

 It all began on a cold November day in 1980 when one of his collectors suggested that Akers accompany him on a visit to the Borders Brothers’ farm. It was then that he was first introduced to William, Elmer, and Woodrow, the three bachelor Borders brothers.

Akers stood in awe as he first saw the farmhouse; it was old and weathered and had no running water or electricity, heated with wood stoves and illuminated by kerosene lanterns. This home was a marvelous example of Early American rural architecture and became a second home to him and his art for over a decade. Akers says, “there are a lot of old houses around, but there are not many with this type of life in them.” The Borders farmhouse was an exception, as Akers liked the objects as they were placed in the kitchen, bedrooms, stairways, on the porch, in the cellar, or in the yard. It was these simple objects in everyday use here that caught his eye, and they each began to take on new meanings, showing the life behind them. The Borders brothers themselves and their daily activities were also inspiring, and Akers seemed to glimpse into another world as he watched and visited with them.

The Borders brothers are now gone and their way of life is quickly disappearing. It is because of this that Akers feels a sense of responsibility to record in his paintings scenes of American life, to preserve the past and to enlighten others on this way of life. In this exhibition you will be viewing a world-class collection of paintings from the Borders brothers’ farm that most have never seen. Translated through the artwork are strong emotions; feelings of placidity, tranquility and peacefulness, and a oneness with nature, feelings that the artist himself felt while painting these precious works. You will now have the opportunity to view these powerfully subtle images and experience a glimpse into another world, a world of days gone by. For more information, call The Behringer-Crawford Museum (859) 491-4003 or Gary-Lynn Galleries, Inc. (859) 250-0ART

Written by Gary Akers

May 30, 2012 at 7:57 pm